Publié par Eric Bertrand, le 03 October 2018

Renovation of a farmhouse: for what purpose ? 

Among the real estate purchases, many are content to observe what is available in major cities: houses, buildings, apartments ... However, less populated cities also have good investments to offer. For example, you might think that an old decrepit farmhouse is not a good investment. And if it was the opposite ?

Corps de ferme

Buying a property to renovate: an advantage ?

At first glance, buying a farmhouse and then having to renovate it is not a good investment. The costs are multiplied, the property is not usable immediately after having bought it, and moreover, it is about a body of farm, of which most of the buildings which compose it have more use today 'hui.

And yet, there is more to gain than you might think. To begin, from a financial point of view, you should know that if you resell this renovated farmhouse, the value of the renovation will add to that of its heritage, which will mean that you can sell it more expensive than you did buy it.

Then, having to renovate this farmhouse means being able to do what you want with it. This is a large space that you can arrange as you wish. This stable is of no use to you? Turn it into a horse stable. This garden is too big for you? You can make it a meadow for horses that you will welcome in the stable.

pré pour vos chevaux

And this other building that you do not have any use can, during the renovation, be transformed into a shelter where the horses that you leave in freedom will be able to shelter the days of heavy heat or rain.

Boxe à chevaux

So, think about buying and renovating a farmhouse to make it your second home, and you can go horse riding at will!