Sales agreement: What are the key points ?

Publié par Administrator User, le 21 December 2017

Signing a sales agreement: mistakes to avoid The acquisition of real estate is an important event, the result of a long wait and careful preparation. When negotiations finally lead to a sales agreement, the feeling of accomplishment and euphoria can quickly win both the current owner and the buyer. Such an agreement corresponds to the purchase and sale commitment on the part of both parties.But this moment of grace must not lose sight of the final goal of the exchange: the transaction! We offer you a little overview of the pitfalls to avoid.To give too little importance to the procedure of the sales agreement On the owner's side, it is important to check that all the necessary documents have been delivered to the buyer after the signing of the sales agreement. The latter has indeed a withd...

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Real estate agency Gien: Agents in the era of time !

Publié par Administrator User, le 20 December 2017

What is the profile of the real estate agent in 2017 ?  The profession of real estate agent has evolved a lot in recent years. These professionals have had to adapt to new market developments. So what is the profile of the new real estate agents? Our real estate agency in Gien made you a portrait-robot. The typical profile of the real estate agent of 2017 Our real estate agency in Gien is based on the study conducted by the Immo box on this site to draw a portrait of the real estate agent today. 629 real estate professionals were interviewed in order to develop a profile. Of these, 43% are agency managers, 49% are real estate negotiators, 5% are managers and 3% are assistants.It turns out that today's real estate agent can be both a man and a woman, since there is almost gender equity in b...

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Resell with a current mortgage

Publié par Administrator User, le 27 November 2017

Can we consider the resale of real estate before the end of the credit ? Yes. It is possible to carry out an anticipated resale. It is planned and regulated in the mortgage agreement. The vagaries of life can sometimes lead you there: divorce, death, or simply change, in France or abroad. That's why it's important to attach importance to it. For if it is impossible to foresee everything, the banks and the insurances, they, employ themselves there, since they meet all the cases of figure.You can resell whenever you wantOf course, once you become homeowners, it is up to you to choose the use you want to make of your property, including its sale. It's up to you right. You have no legal deadline to wait. That you have not finished paying your loan is another matter, which concerns your relatio...

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